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DHS Bureau of Early Intervention
Provides resources for parents and guardians
seeking early intervention services in the State of
Contact us:
Child & Family Connections
If you have concerns about your child's development
and would like him or her to be evaluated by an Early
Intervention specialist, contact your local Child &
Family connection Agency to make an evaluation
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
A guide to tenant rights, laws and protections in the
State of Illinois.

We apply our skills
and experience to
ensure tenant
Useful Links
Blue Cap
Blue Cap is an agency dedicated to the discovery,
pursuit and achievement of personal growth and
dignity for individuals of all ages having or at risk for
developmental disabilities.
Board of Directors

Bruce Bronson
Arthur Michael Connor
Toni J. Ebeling
Lawrence E. Hupe
James J. Jurik
Gregory L. Lochow
Mark Miller
Matt Vitaliano
Executive Director
Provider Connections
The Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood
Education at Western Illinois University
Connections is contracted by the Illinois Department
of Human Services (IDHS) Bureau of Early Intervention
to credential, enroll, and provide technical support to
EI providers interested in the credentialing and
enrollment process.  
Early Intervention Training Program
training opportunities for early intervention
professionals in Illinois. We are a program of the United
Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Chicago funded
through a grant from the Illinois Department of Human
Services Bureau of Early Intervention.