CORE Association, Inc. Billing Services &
Record Management
has been providing Billing
Services & Record Management to Early
Intervention therapists for over 10 years.  We
currently provide billing services for a team of
therapists who have over 25 years of
experience in their field.

CORE Association, Inc. Property Management
provides property management and rental
opportunities.  With nearly 25 years of property
management experience, CORE is able to
ensure tenant satisfaction.

In addition, CORE owns five Community
Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) operated
Blue Cap, an agency serving nearly 200
individuals of all ages with intellectual and
developmental disabilities.  
Contact us:
  "I appreciate the supportive, stress-free environment that
         CORE creates, which allows me to focus on the clinical
                 needs of my clients and not worry about the billing."
            Ann Jackson, DPT, PT, MPH

 "Bill is always happy to come and visit the family and go on
          vacations, but he is always eager to get back to his
                  home at Blue Cap."
 Mike Connor, Brother of Bill,
                                          an individual living in a Blue Cap CILA

   "Having CORE as a landlord gives me peace of mind in
                  knowing that my needs as a tenant are always met.
                          My apartment and the building are  always kept up."
 Emily Boyd, CORE Property
                                                  Management Renter
Everyone needs a
reliable business
partner. Contact
CORE Association
for all of your
billing needs!
About Us
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Executive Director
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Arthur Michael Connor
Toni J. Ebeling
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James J. Jurik
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